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Storytelling in design and engineering

Storytelling isn't something that should be scorned at, but embraced and used to its full potential to solve real problems.

When someone says "storytelling", either marketing or children bedtime stories come to mind. Both are valid, but far from being the only places storytelling appears in. Stories are illustrative, easily memorable and often reach us on an emotional level. They are very much a part of design and engineering cultures today, it's just that we're not consciously aware of them. Let us go through some examples and see how you can use storytelling to improve motivation, planning, hiring and changing perspectives. Whatever we tell ourselves, people often don't respond to reason, they respond to emotion. It doesn't matter if you're a project manager, a freelance designer or an engineer in an agile team - this applies to everyone.


Merlin Rebrović

Merlin Rebrović

Merlin works as an interaction designer at Google and YouTube. With a computer science degree and a few years of working experience as a software engineer, he shifted to design realizing that you need both design and engineering to make great products. When not building something new, Merlin can be found reading or relaxing in nature.

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