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Responsive Web Components - A glimpse at the future

Change your way of thinking about responsive web design, put your focus on components.

Web components are becoming a part of our mainstream developer toolset, and the future is all about reusing and sharing components. To take the next big step in responsive web design though, we need to make sure that these components adapt to different scenarios and different layouts.

In this talk we will see how we can combine web components with the concept of element queries and create responsive components that can adapt to their environment.


Nikos Zinas

Nikos Zinas

I have been working with web technologies for about 10 years. During this time I learned to love the web, all that it represents and all the opportunities that it offers.

I focus on writing clean, reusable code, I adhere to web standards and I enjoy using cutting-edge technologies that work best on modern browsers while degrading gracefully on older ones.

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