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On what I hate about front-end web development and what tools and methods to use to ease the pain.

The talk is about front-end web development of a larger web-applications within a medium-sized development team. The emphasis will be on importance of coding style, naming conventions, keeping your codebase small and clean, code reviews, continuous measurements, code cleanup, (automated) visual testing, etc. Methods, tools and workflow will be mentioned. Also, an interesting novel approach towards continuous visual regression testing will be presented, currently with a working name WizEye - an automation tool that notifies you whenever your visual design gets broken.


Robert Sedovšek

Robert Sedovšek

Robert Sedovšek is a PhD candidate at the University of Ljubljana (title of thesis: Evaluation of user experience in mobile advertising) and elected assistant professor in the field of information and graphic technologies. He has 7 years experience in web development/design. Currently employed at Celtra as a researcher/developer, mainly working with front-end technologies to develop different tools for digital display advertising industry, such as campaign management dashboard, media analytics and many more.

He is also a mentor to many brilliant young engineers working on a different internal projects in the field of front-end technologies, such as form (re)design library, chart creation library, UI Pattern Library, WizEye - continuous visual testing tool, etc.

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