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How to build a web API

We'll talk about the importance of a good web API, cover REST and RPC, show best and worst practices, and try to convince you that API design matters.

Far from its humble beginnings as a way to present content to visitors, the Web today is as much about APIs as it is about content. With mobile and JavaScript-heavy applications becoming the dominant way to interact online, APIs connecting the frontend applications with the backend services are also becoming more important. This is even more so when the API is exposed to 3rd-party (client, mobile and mashup) developers.

But building a good API is still more an art than a science for many. Although there are best practices, they are not widely known or they are ignored, and when the problems become apparent in production, it's too late.

This talk will talk about the importance of good web API, show best practices, show worst practices (and argue why they're bad), and hopefully convince you to pay attention to your APIs even if "nobody but devs can see it".


Senko Rašić

Senko Rašić

Senko runs a web development shop by day and experiments with programming languages by night. Programmer since the days of C64, for the past few years he's worked on all kinds of web application projects.

Lately he spends his days with an email client and spreadsheet more than a code editor, and he's as likely to rant about processes, methodologies and go-to-market strategies as to rant about generalized algebraic data types in Haskell and concurrency in Go.

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