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Elixir: Facing the Scalability Challenge

The future is now. Moore's law finally made computing multi-core. Internet connection form a sign of wealth or affiliation with academia became a human right. Humanity routes massive amounts of data every second and a certain portion of this data hits services we develop and maintain.

Today it's extremely important to be able scale up and scale down dynamically and painlessly. Imperative approach fails to deliver a set of tools required to write scalable systems effectively, so the solution to this problem we'll examine during this workshop is in the domain of functional programming. Even though simply using a functional programming language mitigates a lot of issues with writing concurrent code from imperative approach, it would be handy to have a concurrency model supported by a concurrency framework.

In our workshop we will observe an application of Erlang's concurrency model by using Elixir programming language to build a blog engine.

Plan, roughly:

0 minutes — start fetching vagrant box from a local cdn (in parallel)

  • 30 minutes — introduction to Erlang
  • 10 minutes — problems of Erlang
  • 20 minutes — introduction to Elixir
  • 1 hour — familiarizing with ecosystem, data storage architecture
  • 1 hour — work with posts (*)
  • 1 hour — work with commentaries (*)

(*) breaks are possible whenever an attendee needs one"


  • BYOD w/ Vagrant installed
  • knowledge of at least one programming language
  • having an overall idea of how computer works, meaning the following: What is CPU, What is MM, What is Instruction Pointer, What is a CPU Core, What is OS scheduler, What is OS process, What is a thread
  • understanding of HTTP and how pages get served in WWW over Internet, for the practice part
  • basic web design competence will help


  • Date/Time: Friday, Oct 3rd @ 16:00
  • Duration: 4h
  • Language: English
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Attendance: 2-20 people
  • Price: 100 Kn (EUR ~13)
  • Tickets: available starting Thursday, September 11th @ 10:00 through
Jonn Mostovoy

Jonn Mostovoy

Born in Rīga, Latvia. Installed my first UNIX-like system when I was 14. Worked as a web developer since I was 16. Worked in banking. Eventually got tired of "mainstream" "boring" technology stacks as those are too verbose and clumsy and switched to Erlang. Worked as a senior Erlang developer, then worked in a Canadian startup. Kinda known for implementing pretty printing for Elixir standard library. Now freelancing and available for hire.

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