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Escape the code jungle with Functional Programming in Scala

Meet an object-oriented language with a sane dose of functional programming paradigms. Scala means SCAlable LAnguage - but what kind of scale are we talking about here? It means you can use the same language for projects of varying complexity.

With Scala you can:

  • Write a one liner script which resizes images into thumbnails.
  • Create a bird dating website and allow your canaries to chat over websockets.
  • Dispatch billions of messages per hour. Tweet. Tweet tweet.

We'll cover the basic Typesafe stack:

  • 30m intro to Scala
  • 15m build ecosystem
  • 45m Play around
  • 45m scale up with Akka

There are many learning curves from which you can choose your path to this world. So, we're here to show you a glimpse of some of them and give you a prod in the right direction ;)

Choose Functional, choose Scala, choose Life.




  • Date/Time: Friday, Oct 3rd @ 12:30
  • Duration: 3h
  • Language: Croatian planned, but will be held in English if non-Croatian speaking attendees apply
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Attendance: 4-20 people
  • Price: 150 Kn (EUR ~20)
  • Tickets: available starting Thursday, September 11th @ 10:00 through
Marko Elezović

Marko Elezović

Marko Elezović is the tech lead of Instantor AB, primarily dealing with cash flow credit risk assessments.

In a loving relationship with new, disruptive and buzzword compliant technologies. Having recently organized the HRScala meetup group, he is trying to rally fans of alternative JVM languages under its flag.

CEO of Element and DSL Platform.

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