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Building apps with CanJS

CanJS is a client side MV* framework based around the observable pattern. In this workshop I'll focus on some of the best practices in the management of the application state. Although we'll be using CanJS these practices and patterns are transferable to other client side arhitectures


BYOD having the following installed: NodeJS, bower, npm


  • Date/Time: Friday, Oct 3rd @ 12:30
  • Duration: 3h
  • Language: Croatian planned, but will be held in English if non-Croatian speaking attendees apply
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Attendance: 0-20 people
  • Price: 100 Kn (EUR ~13)
  • Tickets: available starting Thursday, September 11th @ 10:00 through
Mihael Konjević

Mihael Konjević

Mihael is working strictly as a JavaScript developer for the last four years. He is one of the core team members of the CanJS framework, and has more then a decade of experience across the whole stack. When he's not writing JavaScript he enjoys Ruby and recently Clojure

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