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Gaming a drone simulator

How do you develop a 3D flight simulator for an experimental drone? Take an open source gaming engine, hone in a lot of Python, and here is your flying drone!

This simulator was developed for an EU research project: AIRobots. How do you tie the real drone control system, based on Simulink, to Blender, in order to create a realistic 3D simulation of the control behaviour? Can you really use the physics engine of Blender to compute the behaviour? Where did we stop? What did we achieve? During this talk, I'll walk you through the tools and libraries required for this project, its many pitfalls and its successes.


Anna Chiara Bellini

Anna Chiara Bellini

With almost twenty years of experience in development, I have been working for any kind of project and any size of company, From micro-startups with crazy hours and no rules to large organizations with hyper-detailed specs. In between I've worked on several research projects and I've taught a lot. Right now I'm working almost exclusively as a freelancer and trying to connect with as many developers as possible. My current goal is to become proficient in data science.

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