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Conference Schedule

Saturday, October 4th

Bitovi Track Hitlist & Code4Hire Track
9:00 Doors open & registration
9:45 Intro
10:00 Ross Tuck: Things I Believe Now That I'm Old
10:45 Networking break (splitting the conference room)
11:15 Merlin Rebrović: Storytelling in design and engineering Luka Kladarić: Bad ideas and worst practices
11:45 Christian Grobmeier: Go mobile with Apache Cordova Saša Jurić: Thinking in actors
12:15 Coffee break *
12:30 Tamas Piros: Web Components FTW Marko Švaljek: Cassandra, web-scale NoSQL data platform
13:00 Michelle D'Netto: Responsive Emails, from Design to Development Marijan Šuflaj: Redis in practice
13:30 Lunch break *
14:15 Recruitment session
15:15 Tin Kadoić: Taking Responsive a Step Further Senko Rašić: How to build a web API
15:45 Jonn Mostovoy: Modern Approaches to the Javascript Problem Nikica Jokić: Aggregating data consistently and accountably
16:15 Coffee break *
16:30 Marcin Warpechowski: Get Practical with Web Components Srdjan Vranac: Ansible, just orchestrate it
17:00 Nikos Zinas: Responsive Web Components - A glimpse at the future Deni Bertović: Supercharge your development environment using Docker
17:30 Filip Petkovski: Abstracting the backend. NoBackend solutions and syncing data in real time. Sebastian Göttschkes: Vagrant to the rescue
18:00 Drinkup (powered by Google)
00:00 End of Day 1

* Food and beverages powered by Toptal

Sunday, October 5th

Bitovi Track Hitlist & Code4Hire Track
10:00 Doors open
11:00 Lora Pleško: I'll just do it myself! Premshree Pillai: Building a scalable system for tracking Shipping Packages
11:30 Danish Khan: Everyone's in Sales Luka Mužinić: Dashboards for devops and other web folks
12:00 Coffee break *
12:15 Demir Selmanović: Google Glass for Web Developers Nikola Plejić: How, When, and Why Clojure?
12:45 Robert Sedovšek: Front-end h8#ff0000!!1; Veljko Dragšić: Beyond GET
13:15 Lunch break *
14:15 Michał Budzyński: JS, JS, are you mad? Marko Ivanković: Measuring test coverage at Google
14:45 Tomislav Kozačinski: Your designer is not your slut! Zlatko Đurić: Wildest streams
15:15 Coffee break *
15:30 Anna Chiara Bellini: Gaming a drone simulator Marko Elezović: Man in the middle attack on banks
16:00 Krešimir Antolić: Building applications with a hammer Robert Lujo: ElasticSearch - index server used as a document database (with examples)
16:30 Luka Vida: Try the meal before you serve it - usability testing for your product Zdeslav Vojković: ZeroMQ - toolset for high-performance distributed applications
17:00 Outro
17:15 End of Day 2

* Food and beverages powered by Toptal

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