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Go mobile with Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova helps you to bring your web application to mobile platforms - this talk shows you some chances and pitfalls.

Apache Cordova is just a container for your HTML5/JS/CSS app. It works best with ajax driven single page applications. It's actually very easy to start creating apps for Android, iPhone and others and put them on their respective app stores. However its not only gold what what shines: there are also drawbacks compared to native applications. This talk will show you how you can build an easy app and then explains a few problems you need to solve, when the first excitement is gone.


Christian Grobmeier

Christian Grobmeier

Christian Grobmeier is a developer, author and occasional trainer focusing on web technologies. Grobmeier currently works with JavaScript/AngularJS, PHP, Java. While he is available for hire, Grobmeier dedicates a lot of his time to his own projects like "Time & Bill". Recently he self-published "The Zen Programmer", a book explaining how programmers can use Zen to reduce their stress level.

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