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Modern Approaches to the Javascript Problem

A talk about one possible solution to the JavaScript problem. I'll talk about the way I develop for web — React/OM provides expressive frontend; Elixir provides scalable backend.

It's well known that JavaScript wasn't designed to be anything more than a weapon in the Browser Wars, adding a layer of interactivity to the pages of the ancient Web by means of writing very short scripts.

When such a language grows big and starts to be used to implement complex systems we face a lot of problems. To name a few — defensive programming, non-existent type system, fragile application architecture. It also yields a bigger problem of programmers not being able to write expressive and safe code.

In this talk we examine the modern approaches to fixing JavaScript. Our goal is to find a solution that allows us to write expressively and to get strong guarantees for applications we build.


Jonn Mostovoy

Jonn Mostovoy

Born in Rīga, Latvia. Installed my first UNIX-like system when I was 14. Worked as a web developer since I was 16. Worked in banking. Eventually got tired of "mainstream" "boring" technology stacks as those are too verbose and clumsy and switched to Erlang. Worked as a senior Erlang developer, then worked in a Canadian startup. Kinda known for implementing pretty printing for Elixir standard library. Now freelancing and available for hire.

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