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Building applications with a hammer

This talk will cover the goods and the bads of choosing javascript as a solution for everything.

Let us start by quoting Atwood's Law: “any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript”. And so it came to be - you either love it or hate it but JavaScript became the “all solving hammer”. It has come to the point that you can write anything in it - including your very own desktop and mobile application, using only web frontend technologies ruled by the almighty JavaScript. The secret ingredient for this recipe is to “just add JavaScript”. In this talk some alternatives to native desktop and mobile development will be presented. There will be alternatives such as phonegap, node-webit and even something promising as NativeScript. But it won’t just sing praises to the mighty JavaScript king it will also cover the dark side of developing this type of software.


Krešimir Antolić

Krešimir Antolić

The main reason why Kresimir entered the mystical world of web development is the fact he had no Internet access while growing up. Once he was introduced to its magic he instantly fell in love with it and all the possibilities this platform provides. Now he’s passionate about the Web and having the possibility to work on it and hopes to do so for many years to come.

He spends his days as a JavaScript Team Dictator at Infinum. He loves his job and the Web.

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