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Try the meal before you serve it - usability testing for your product

When cooking a meal, you always try it before serving. Learn some of the industry's leading practices in trying your project before serving.

Regardless of the good product planning, UX process and efforts put into the development of the Web or mobile app, final product often misses the opportunity to communicate its abilities to users.

Solving some points of product usage confusion requires significant effort, but some interface issues could be solved in matter of minutes, providing better user experience and better business results. In order to find some of the bad points of your product's experience, the best and fastest way is to do some kind of user testing.

Usability testing has always been considered as complicated and expensive process intended for someone with bigger budget, more time or more knowledge. The goal of this talk is to present basic steps for conducting quick usability testing and improving product in minimum time.

Talk will show usability testing best pracices and tools used at Five Minutes.


Luka Vida

Luka Vida

Unfocused to some specific area which he'd like to pursue, in the last few years Luka has done frontend, graduating from FER, leading the student organization eSTUDENT, and has finally landed in position which covers multiple areas he's interested in. Passionate about changing the surroundings using the technology, he is designer of user experience on products Five Minutes is delivering. Interests reach from architecture and psychology to machine learning and computer vision. Unfortunately, life is too short, so UX design will do.

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