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Cassandra, web-scale NoSQL data platform

Apache Cassandra, BigData Web-scale data platform with linear scalability and proven fault tolerance. What's behind it & how does it work?

A short history of Apache Cassandra, how it developed and who is using it today. The basic theoretical concepts behind it like the CAP Theorem and Consistent Hashing technique. An architecture overview and description of replication strategies. Dynamic nature of the system and how it adapts using the Gossip protocol and the Snitch. Data paths, writing, updating, removal, compaction and reading. Basic interacting with the Cassandra using the Cassandra Query Language and the CQL Shell.


Marko Švaljek

Marko Švaljek

Developer working at the Machine Networks department of the Kapsch CarrierCom group. Blog author with entries ranging from HTML 5 Canvas animations to BigData stuff. Loves experimenting with the web technologies and if the circumstances allow it playing with the arduino. Recently he discovered the joys of Big data with Apache Cassandra.

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