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Responsive Emails, from Design to Development

Learn how Etsy designs and builds responsive emails that provide a consistent experience for readers and look great across desktop and mobile email clients.

At Etsy, our tracking metrics tell us that more than 50% of our emails are opened on mobile devices. This means we need to rethink the way we design and build our emails to accommodate a growing list of multi-width devices and their distinct rendering quirks.

We want our readers to have the best possible experience when they view our emails, so we’re experimenting with new techniques that move away from desktop-orientated, fixed-width designs and incorporate more flexible layouts that look good on every client, including iPhones, iPads, Android, Webmail and more.

We’ll walk you through a recent case study whereby 'building specifically for mobile' influenced the design and development decisions we ultimately made. We'll also highlight the value of a simple, two-column layout and show you ways to code for mobile to achieve pixel perfect emails that look great across a multitude of phones, tablets and desktop devices.


Michelle D'Netto

Michelle D'Netto

Michelle D’Netto is a software engineer who has been working at Etsy for four years. She lives in her inbox while developing beautifully designed marketing emails that showcase an assortment of hand-made items featured on

Michelle is a true maker. She makes jewelry in her spare time often experiments with glass, clay and other mediums.

Michelle works and plays in Brooklyn, New York.

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