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ElasticSearch - index server used as a document database (with examples)

ElasticSearch - index server, json documents, feature-rich, scalable. How ES can be used instead of/with relational DB? 2 use-cases

Although ElasticSearch (ES) primary purpose is to be used as index/search server, in its featureset ES overlaps with common NoSql database; better to say, document database.

Why this could be interesting and how this could be used effectively?

Talk overview:

  • ES - history, background, philosophy, featureset overview, focus on indexing/search features
  • short presentation on how to get started - installation, indexing and search/retrieving
  • Database should provide following functions: store, search, retrieve -> differences between relational, document and search databases
  • it is not unusual to use ES additionally as an document database (store and retrieve)
  • an use-case will be presented where ES can be used as a single database in the system (benefits and drawbacks)
  • what if a relational database is introduced in previosly demonstrated system (benefits and drawbacks)
  • ES is a nice and in reality ready-to-use example that can change perspective of development of some type of software systems


Robert Lujo

Robert Lujo

Mr.Sc., developing software since C64, 17 years of professional experience, from small to enterprise applications, KonĨar, Sunce osiguranje, Combis, Eu-informatika, Adacta (as a freelancer), freelancer.

Technologies: whatever client needs, web, desktop, java, c# ... tools of choice for last 8 years: web, python, django.

System architect, lead developer, project manager...

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