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Things I Believe Now That I'm Old

A talk with advice about using actual advice I've received

Despite all the advice that's given to us, we seem intent on ignoring it. For better or worse, we rarely follow it until years later we understand what the person was trying to tell us.

In this talk, I'll share the most helpful, humiliating and hilarious pieces of advice I ever got and how they shaped my career (whether I listened or not). We'll also discuss why giving and receiving advice is important, how to handle it gracefully and why it can be so powerful. As Dijkstra said: "We must be very careful when we give advice to younger people: sometimes they follow it!"


Ross Tuck

Ross Tuck

I’m an independent consultant and engineer, originally from the US and now living in the Netherlands. I started coding in 2000 and now specialize in building web apps, primarily with PHP and Javascript. I also speak at conferences and write articles. My hobbies are reading and hats.

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