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Vagrant to the rescue

Vagrant let you build development environments that are portable and reproducible

Many developers know the pain of setting up a development machine and share the setup with the team - Putting the same folders in the same place, keeping configurations in sync and managing external dependencies. Vagrant solves this problem by creating a development environment inside a virtual machine and making it easy to share with other developers. Within this talk, I'll take the audience on a trip from a time where everybody would install stuff on localhost until the software starts working to a land where the environment one develops in mirrors the production environment as closely as possible without changing the laptop/pc of the developer. I'll talk about devops and configuration management briefly and show how one can get started with vagrant. After this talk, the audience knows what problems vagrant solves and how to get started.


Sebastian Göttschkes

Sebastian Göttschkes

I co-founded my first company, Pictureplix, while still in university. Being responsible for the API that connected frontends with our production backend, I learned how to scale stuff and how important it is to develop with a stack that is close to the production environment. I joined, a location based bargain hunting plattform in mid 2013 and try to guide a team of software developers through the fog of business requirements. I am using PHP and Python in my free time for various spare projects. All of them run with vagrant of course.

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