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ZeroMQ - toolset for high-performance distributed applications

ZeroMQ is a messaging library which lets you write scalable and performant distributed software. Or, as some say, sockets on steroids.

ZeroMQ has quite a misleading name. It is not really a classic message queuing solution at all - it is a messaging library which simplifies the task of writing high-performance and scalable distributed applications.

ZeroMQ abstracts the standard sockets and provides building blocks for almost any distributed scenario and topology: from classic publish-subscribe pattern between independent services to cross-thread communication inside a process, while introducing a very low overhead, compared to alternatives. It integrates well with whole range of technologies from Python and Ruby, over Java and C# to C++ and Go.

This talk will discuss various distributed/concurrent scenarios and show how ZeroMQ helps to implement appropriate solutions. Of course, the pitfalls and limitations will be discussed, too.


Zdeslav Vojković

Zdeslav Vojković

Zdeslav Vojkovic started programming ages ago, when ZX Spectrum and C64 were synonyms for home computer.

He writes code professionally for more than 15 years, has worked in various industries, from automotive to financial, and is co-owner of a small software development workshop where he works as a consultant/contractor/whatever for various clients whom he tries to educate about advantages of open source software.

In his spare time, he tries to tame his three kids, without significant success.

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