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Wildest streams

Let's see what we can do with streams and streaming on the web.

How do we combine streams? What technologies can we use on the web today to utilize streaming technologies today? How do streams work in Node.js? What do the web standards bodies have to say for our browsers?

Streaming is very useful technology that we use everyday in our tools, without even thinking about them. In JavaScript, especially Node.js, streams take more prominent place, due to their non-blocking nature. But besides streaming video files to mobile clients, where else do we use them at? What else can we do to bring up some power on them?

If you like to hear about terms like backpressure, readable and writable, passthrough and aborts, this is the talk. In this talk we ask these questions and try to answer some of them.


Zlatko Đurić

Zlatko Đurić

A JavaScript guy with a decent Linux beard. Loves tinkering with shiny new things and trying technology out, but only has a fragment of the usual programmers' OCDs that make them use all the tools out there. Tries to follow the latest news but too much reading gets in the way of doing.

For the last few years Zlatko freelances, working on Node.js and usually Angular.js projects.

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