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Understanding Git

Git is probably the most popular version control program in the world. It's very powerful and gives a lot of freedom to users. That's great, but if combined with not knowing what is actually happening under the hood, it can lead to a disaster (or can prevent recovering from one). In this workshop you'll learn how Git stores data internally and what happens when you issue a command. We'll discuss principles and underlying structure, and how different commands map to desired actions or outcomes. That way Git won't be a black box, but an open book every time you commit, merge, rebase or reset something. You'll learn how to stay away from trouble and how to save your colleague's day by typing some arcane commands into a terminal.


  • Basic knowledge of some version control system (checkout, commit, diff commands)
  • Laptops are not mandatory - we'll mostly discuss what's on the presenter's screen or on a whiteboard
  • If you want to try some things out immediately, BYOD with Git installed, accessible through terminal (any platform; Cygwin or similar on Windows)


  • Date/Time: Friday, Oct 3rd @ 9:00
  • Duration: 3h
  • Language: Croatian planned, but will be held in English if non-Croatian speaking attendees apply
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Attendance: 5-25 people
  • Price: 250 Kn (EUR ~33)
  • Tickets: available starting Thursday, September 11th @ 10:00 through
Merlin Rebrović

Merlin Rebrović

Merlin works as an interaction designer at Google and YouTube. With a computer science degree and a few years of working experience as a software engineer, he shifted to design realizing that you need both design and engineering to make great products. When not building something new, Merlin can be found reading or relaxing in nature.

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